Utilizing Texture in Landscape Design

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Sight is the first sense that comes to mind when designing a landscape. The use of texture is a subtle but an important element of the design. Coarseness or fineness of a leaf, texture of a bark, or heaviness offoliage all plays a part in the overall look of the design. The use of plants with…

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Planting for Privacy

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Planting for privacy is one of our biggest requests from homeowners. Instead of a fence, plants are an excellent choice to create privacy while also adding color, texture and seasonal interest to your property line or outdoor space. Hedges Evergreens provide year-round coverage and make excellent privacy screens. A hedge created with Arborvitaes or conifers…

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Explore These Annual Planting Options


Planting annuals next to your existing perennials, shrubs and trees will add a seasonal pop of color to your landscape beds. Annuals are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some produce colorful flowers while others add visual interest. Color combinations can complement, contrast or match. Use several colors in a limited palette or mix…

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Kick Off Your Spring Landscaping the Right Way


Winter is hard on gardens and landscaped areas of your home. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get your gardens and landscape areas ready, Wisconsin. Here are some spring landscaping tips to help you get started! We’re always anxious to get started on that first beautiful day. But beware: Mother Nature may still…

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