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Planting for Privacy

Planting for privacy featured

Planting for privacy is one of our biggest requests from homeowners. Instead of a fence, plants are an excellent choice to create privacy while also adding color, texture and seasonal interest to your property line or outdoor space.


Hedges inset image 1

Evergreens provide year-round coverage and make excellent privacy screens. A hedge created with Arborvitaes or conifers whose branches extend to the ground is a popular choice for privacy.
A line of evergreen shrubs is sufficient for privacy but can also be used as a backdrop. Using a variety of evergreens at different layers or mixing evergreens with shrubs provides a dense privacy screen as well as visual interest.



Layering landscape areas with a mix of deciduous trees, evergreens, shrubs and perennials creates a natural look. Staggering evergreens as a backdrop, then placing shorter variations of shrubs around them adds texture, depth and color to your landscape area.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses inset image

When planted in groups, taller-growing ornamental grasses create a seasonal screen while also providing movement and texture. Ornamental grasses create privacy during the late summer and autumn seasons. Some of them produce plumes which can be left for winter interest.

Need privacy plantings at your home or commercial property? Call one of our horticulturists or landscape designers today!