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Enjoy Alfresco Dining with a Customized Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy alfresco dining with a customized outdoor kitchen featured

There’s something special about dining alfresco while being immersed in nature. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect addition to bring more enjoyment to any home.

An outdoor kitchen can be customized to suit your needs. That means you don’t need to give up any of the comforts you’re accustomed to having as part of your indoor kitchen. Many appliances and products used in indoor kitchens have versions designed for outdoor use. From wine fridges to deep fryers, pizza ovens to fireplaces, the luxuries of indoors can be incorporated into your outdoor kitchen.

Nothing brings family and friends together better than food and drinks. By adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, you can cook and entertain in comfort – without having to bring the party inside.

Here’s how to plan an outdoor kitchen for your home:

Step 1 – Placement! Just like in real estate, location is everything. For ease of accessibility, an ideal spot for your outdoor kitchen is close to the back doors of your home. Other areas to consider are decks or patios.

For larger properties, consider how the outdoor kitchen will function as part of your overall landscape. Will it feel “natural” to walk toward the area? Perhaps a pathway or steps are the best way to connect your outdoor kitchen to your home.

Step 2 – Inspiration! Do your research regarding the many types and styles of outdoor kitchens that are available. Think about how you, your family and your friends will use the space. Divide your space up into “rooms” that will include areas for food preparation, cooking, dining and relaxing.

Step 3 – Privacy! When you’re entertaining in your outdoor kitchen, you may want privacy – a more secluded space. The addition of a gazebo or pergola can offer privacy while also providing shade and protection from the elements. Or consider adding plant material in tiers to provide a beautiful natural fence for privacy.

When it comes to designing your dream outdoor kitchen, La Rosa Landscape has you covered. Our team of landscape architects and designers have years of experience in designing and building outdoor kitchens, from simple to extravagant. Contact us today for a consultation at 262.375.8900.