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Outdoor Patios: Create an Outdoor Retreat that is Uniquely Yours

Rethinking the outdoor patio as a "staycation" space featured

In recent years, home landscaping has changed with the introduction of the “staycation.” Rest and relaxation at home have become the newest travel destination. Landscape concepts are being designed to include elements homeowners seek when vacationing.

A patio can run the length or width of your house, curve around corners or reflect its contours. Depending upon the area available, you can have one large or several smaller patios connected by paths. For a seamless transition, your patio can be level with the interior flooring of your home, making it a natural extension of your abode.

You can use an attached or freestanding patio, designed as an outdoor living space, for dining, entertainment or relaxation. There are many products available in a variety of textures and colors to create a retreat that’s uniquely yours.

BRICK – While its basic composition and form have been the same for thousands of years, there are countless combinations of colors, textures and shapes available to create any kind of look. From casual and contemporary to classic and traditional, brick is a popular patio choice.

NATURAL STONE – Timeless, beautiful and durable, natural stone is a great choice for any patio. There are many types of stone available in a variety of colors and textures. Natural stone can also be cut to form steps and copings for walls to unify your retreat.

PAVERS – With its endless variety of colors, shapes and sizes, concrete pavers are another attractive option. As beautiful as they are resilient, paver patios bring both style and strength together. Boasting a variety of colors, sizes, geometric shapes and curves, a paver patio could be your next staycation destination. Whether contemporary or old-school, there are no limitations when choosing a paver patio.

An outdoor patio adds space to your home while increasing its property value. By choosing a patio that reflects your needs and wants, your staycation destination can be right outside your door. 

Call one of La Rosa Landscape’s talented landscape architects or designers to help you envision and design your perfect backyard oasis.