The outdoors is an extension of your home

Every landscape holds


We’ve kept ours since 1989

The outdoors is an extension of your home

During these challenging and uncertain times, reconnect and rejuvenate in the beauty of the natural world. At La Rosa, we are inspired designers, meticulous craftsmen and caregivers to the garden spaces that surround you. Find peace and solace in your own backyard. How can we be of service?

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Our process is flexible.

No two clients and no two properties are exactly alike, so the La Rosa process is defined primarily by its flexibility. We are always respectful and honest and typically like to meet in person on your turf. We are patient, steadfast listeners and use this time to help us understand, interpret and appreciate your objectives and vision. We meter in the creativity, expertise and guidance that you expect from a professional firm. Finally, when necessary and appropriate, we throw in some practicality and realism. For, as you know, Rome was not built in a day and the Taj Mahal did not come at a discount.

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