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Explore These Annual Planting Options


Planting annuals next to your existing perennials, shrubs and trees will add a seasonal pop of color to your landscape beds. Annuals are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. Some produce colorful flowers while others add visual interest.

Color combinations can complement, contrast or match. Use several colors in a limited palette or mix similar hues to create a monochromatic look. A combination of plant height along with textures will create pops of color and depth in existing landscape areas.


  • Annuals are easy to grow and offer brightly-colored flowers for instant impact.
  • They are versatile and can be grown in garden beds, hanging baskets or containers.
  • If properly planted and cared for, many annuals will bloom non-stop from spring planting until fall frost.
  • Color choices include purple, bi-color, pink, blue, red, yellow, coral, orange, white and even black.
  • You can find annuals for every situation: Sun, shade, low maintenance and deer resistant.


  • Unlike perennial plants, which return year after year, annuals complete their life cycles in a single season and must be replanted yearly.
  • Many annuals require deadheading, or the removal of spent buds, to keep them blooming.
  • Daily watering of annuals is usually necessary, especially during the summer heat.

When planting annuals in baskets, containers or pots, make sure you utilize a good soil structure. Potting soils are now available with slow-release fertilizers built in. They decrease the amount of time you need to spend fertilizing your flowers.

Before planting, arrange your plants while still in nursery containers to create your desired look. Remember: Annuals need to be spaced according to their mature plant size. You need to allow them space in which to grow. Gently squeeze the pot while flipping it over and cradle it in your hand. Plant your beautiful annuals, water and enjoy.

We have a team of horticulturists that can design colorful flower displays for your containers or install annuals in your existing landscape to give your beds that pop of color. Call La Rosa Landscape today to schedule an appointment!