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The Benefits of Landscape Planning

landscape planning sketch
Source: La Rosa Landscape

Landscape planning is the process of designing a floor plan for an outdoor space. It’s the best way to get a visual representation how cohesively each element of your landscape will work together before committing to a financial investment.

Landscape plans show the locations and species of trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawn areas as well as hardscape elements like retaining walls, pergolas, patios, swimming pools, outdoor lighting as well as water and fire features.

A landscape drawing can be presented in a 3D format or as a 2D plan view. Most landscape architects and designers start with a plan view of the client’s outdoor space and then proceed to 3D formats after they commit to the project. Three-dimensional views give you a better visual concept of how each space will work and allow you to take a “walk through” of the project. With 3D images, you can see the end result before construction has even begun.

Designing a successful landscape plan takes time, patience and creativity. Because it’s a big investment, hiring an experienced landscape architect or designer is a must.

Call the LaRosa design team today and let’s begin the process of creating your outdoor oasis!

Three Dimensional Examples:

landscape planning inset1
Source: La Rosa Landscape
landscape planning inset2
Source: La Rosa Landscape