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Utilizing Texture in Landscape Design


Sight is the first sense that comes to mind when designing a landscape.

The use of texture is a subtle but an important element of the design. Coarseness or fineness of a leaf, texture of a bark, or heaviness offoliage all plays a part in the overall look of the design. The use of plants with different textures creates compatibility and seasonal interest. 

There are three types of texture: coarse, medium, and fine. When combined, they create both sensual and visual excitement.The pairing of coarse texture adds color and form while fine texture adds softness and movement.

Medium-textured plants have foliage and branches that are neither overly large norsmall and delicate; most plants fall in this category. They are characterized by medium-sized leaves with simple shapes and smooth edges 

The entrance of your home or business is the initial introduction to visitors. Contact one of our talented horticulturists or designers to assist in creating a welcoming entry by adding texture to your landscaping.