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At La Rosa Landscape Company, we work on our culture every day. We apply our core values – Integrity, Respect, Passion and Accountability – to the opportunities and challenges we encounter so we are always learning and growing. And we strive to become better, more effective communicators because we believe that everyone benefits from more transparency, truth and understanding.

We believe that a successful company requires the collaboration of diverse talents and abilities. We get that it takes a village, so we respect our differences and embrace the interdependence. We’ve eliminated the departmental and functional competition that compromise other organizations. We have each other’s backs.

Ultimately, our production teams deliver the beautiful projects and technical services to our loyal clients. This responsibility is balanced and supported by the authority and skills to perform. As such, and this is a differentiator, we believe in the empowerment and professional growth of our production teammates on a par with the rest of our staff. Further, we believe we are all in “Sales.”

We don’t all aspire to own a company or run a division, and that’s OK, because we need good soldiers too. But we always look for people who are passionate about what they do - horticulturists, designers, craftsmen, managers, mechanics and administrators - and everyone is encouraged to be a leader.

If you simply want to collect a paycheck, then you probably aren’t interested in our company. We prioritize character and attitude and look for people who want to be part of something special. We are hiring winners. We want to be the BEST. We are striving to be GREAT.


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