Seasonal Color

Colorful annual plantings are part of a year long program that can separate your property from all of the rest.  We can develop a program that will incorporate spring bulbs, annual flowers, fall mums and holiday decorating.  Take your property from average to spectacular.

Seasonal Color includes:

Annual Flowers

Annual flowers will set your property apart from all of the others. La Rosa Landscape can provide, install and maintain your flowers. Let our experienced professionals design an arrangement for your landscape beds, pots or any place that needs a splash of color.

Fall Decorating

Fall may be the best reason to live in Wisconsin.  Celebrate the season with fall mums and decor.  Fall decorating can call attention to your property after many of your neighbors have hibernated for the winter.

Holiday Lighting and Decorating

Get your friends and family in the holiday spirit. La Rosa Landscape has the ability to decorate with both traditional and LED lighting. Installing Christmas trees, wreathes or colorful lights can lift the spirits of the entire neighborhood.

Spring Flowers

Spring flowers announce that the season has finally arrived. Bulbs such as pansies, tulips and daffodils come in many varieties and colors. Planting the previous fall or using forced bulbs in the spring will provided your property with instant curb appeal.