Tree & Shrub Care

Tree & Shrub Care includes:


Is your favorite tree or shrub not looking as it has in the past? Fertilization can provide your plants the nutrients needed to stimulate growth.  Proper fertilization can also give new trees and shrubs the boost they need to establish themselves in your yard.


Those beautiful trees and shrubs need some help reaching their full potential. Pruning is done to maintain the shape, size and the health of the plant. Winter pruning can reshape, remove dead branches and trim back branches that are hitting your siding, roof or satellite dishes.

Emerald Ash Borer

They have been found in Southeast Wisconsin and they are killers! Emerald Ash Borer have a devastating effect on your Ash trees. We have a chemical injection system that has proven to be very successful.  An application is good for two years, can save an infected tree or stop your tree from becoming infected.

Apple Scab

Crabapple trees are beautiful when blooming in the spring, but if the leaves have black spots or fall off in the summer they can be an eyesore. These problems are symptoms of a disease called apple scab. La Rosa has a three step treatment program that controls this disease.

Insect Control

Do your tree or shrub leaves have holes or look like they have been eaten?  Our area has been invaded by Japanese Beetles, Borer and other harmful insects. Our licensed applicators can come to your property, identify the insect and treat your trees and shrubs with the appropriate insecticides.

Disease Control

Is something growing on your trees besides the leaves? Almost every species of plant is susceptible to disease. Warning signs include browning of needles or leaves, fungus or mildew and sudden leaf drop. Let our experienced professionals investigate your problems and recommend the proper treatment.