Drainage, Grading, & Lawn Establishment

Drainage and grading are the foundation of your entire landscape. People notice trees and plantings, but you will be the one to notice if your landscape foundation is weak or poorly designed.  Proper drainage and grading allows your home to be protected from water and provides the foundation for your lawn. When building a home one of the first concerns is directing water away from the foundation and providing erosion control for your property. La Rosa can properly grade and design drainage solutions for your property.

Drainage, Grading, & Lawn Establishment includes:


Do you have water in the basement, pooling during the spring thaw or a retaining wall that is failing? These are all symptoms of poor drainage. Some issues are as easy to fix as adding soil along the foundation, but others are far more difficult to solve.

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Solutions to these problems may require burying pipes from your downspouts, installing french drains and catch basins or grading swales on your property. La Rosa Landscape has been solving drainage problems for years, please call to schedule an appointment today.


Proper grading is very important in keeping water away from your home. When the heavy rains come or the ground is frozen, there is often too much water to soak into the soil.

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Water will always find the lowest point on your property and if that is along your foundation you could be looking at a wet basement. Our architects and designers can help design a grading plan that will move water away from home and prevent standing water in your lawn.

Lawn Establishment

When you see a rich, full lawn you rarely think about the preparation that is required to achieve the end result.  Our experts understand what it takes to help a lawn thrive.

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From the amount of topsoil needed at installation, proper seed selection, watering instructions and lawn care programs. La Rosa can help develop a plan to get you the lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood.