Landscape Design Services

Trust the professionals to do your landscape design. When it comes to your home, your most valuable asset, don’t let an inexperienced person lead you down the wrong road. Our experienced, award winning architects and landscape designers have the knowledge and talent to bring your vision to reality. Proper design is more than just pretty plants; house location, elevations, drainage, micro-climates and proper plant placements are just a few of the issues that are considered when planning your landscape design. Let La Rosa Landscape custom design a plan tailored to your needs.

Landscape Design Services includes:

Consideration of Your Style and Needs

We realize that each client has a unique style and set of needs. We take the time to listen to you and create the perfect plan for your property. Our attention to detail helps us create a landscape that both captures your dreams and provide solutions to any challenges your property may have.

Budget Awareness

A beautiful design that meets all your needs doesn’t help if it’s not within your budget. La Rosa can provide a design that can be installed in phases or offer a wide selection of building materials that will work within your budget.

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We also have consumer financing options that will allow you to spread payments over time. Our experienced landscape architects and designers can create a landscape design that balances beauty and budget.

Code Compliance

A good project can go terribly wrong if it has compliance issues, forcing it to be delayed or even redesigned. We work with municipalities and government agencies to make sure every project follows buildings codes and zoning requirements.

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Our 23 years in business gives us the experience needed to get building permits and have your project completed on schedule.