Landscape Lighting & Maintenance

A complete landscape is not only spectacular during the day it also provides interest and security at night. A combination of different types of low-voltage lighting will create ambiance within your outdoor environment.

Landscape Lighting & Maintenance includes:

Landscape Lighting

Proper design can make all the difference.  Our landscape architects can help during the planning stages of a new house or renovation, or design lighting into an existing landscape.

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Low voltage lighting uses both traditional and LED bulbs and can be installed to highlight the architectural features of your home as well as trees, fountains, walking paths and stairs.  Lighting fixtures can be installed into almost every type of landscaping material. Let us design a lighting system that will bring out the full potential of your property.

Lighting Maintenance

In today’s hectic world who needs one more thing to maintain. Even the perfect outdoor lighting system doesn’t work if the bulbs are burnt out. La Rosa can maintain your lighting system as part of your complete maintenance program.

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We will monitor your system by replacing bulbs, setting timers for the change of seasons, repairing damage and re-aligning fixtures that have been accidentally moved. Let us remove another task from your to do list.