Popular outdoor living features: There’s something for everyone!

A custom-designed outdoor area can extend your living space, solve an outdoor challenge or provide a relaxing place to enjoy the great outdoors. Regardless of your space, budget or style, there are a myriad of outdoor features and their benefits to consider.


Patios are among the most popular outdoor living features. These ground-level spaces, typically constructed of low-maintenance paver stone or concrete, adjoin to your home, making them an accessible and convenient extension to your existing indoor space. You can customize patios based on your budget, surroundings and personal style. Have fun with paver patterns and add a little pizzazz and function to your front, side or back yard.


This cousin to the patio is typically constructed of durable wood or composite, can be elevated or ground level, and, like a patio, adjoins to your home. Decks are less popular than patios but are an excellent solution to consider if you have an above-grade home or want additional space to relax or take in the surrounding views. This “architect approved” feature provides a visually stunning design element and addresses challenges related to elevation, surrounding water or access.


These standalone buildings or structures are typically built to address a particular want or need, whether for pleasure or function. Popular types of pavilions include:

  • Pool houses,
  • Gazebos,
  • Open-air structures,
  • Storage buildings, or
  • A shaded shelter for dining or relaxation.

The beauty of this outdoor element is that you can customize it to satisfy your unique tastes, needs or wants.

Sun shades

If your outdoor umbrella isn’t doing the trick, consider installing a pergola, arbor, awning or shade sail for a little protection on those hot summer days. For a permanent shade solution, a pergola, or wood-posted structure with overhead lattice, or an arbor, which is essentially a “tunnel-shaped” or arched pergola, work beautifully with existing patios and decks. For a more modern look, custom-made shade sails “stretch” to fit any outdoor space. Plus, they can easily be taken down in the winter months and erected when summer returns. Awnings are another great choice. Today’s awnings are motorized and make shading your sunny spot more convenient.

Water features

There is an ocean of possibilities when it comes to incorporating water features outside of your home. Whether pool, pond, fountains, or bubbling boulders, you need to ask yourself what you want to accomplish and how much maintenance you’re willing to take on. A pond, complete with fish and aquatic plants, or a swimming pool, will require more work than a few bubbling fountains. Scale the project up or down depending on your budget, aesthetic tastes and your surroundings.

Entertainment spaces

If you’re looking for an enjoyable place to relax after a busy day at the office or a functional space to entertain guests, there are solutions for any budget. Fire pits can be integrated with a patio design or sequestered away from your home. Gas fireplaces are convenient, providing instant aesthetics and warmth with the push of a button, and outdoor kitchens bring modern conveniences outside. Keep your kitchen simple or customize it with a standalone grill station, bar, refrigeration, water and prep areas. Most of all, have fun!


Whether you’re installing uplighting to highlight the beautiful foliage of your favorite trees, adding downlighting to accentuate a unique patio feature, or introducing walkway lighting for safety and ambiance, there are a variety of options. LED lighting typically consumes less power, saving you money on your electric bills. Make your lighting solutions as utilitarian or decorative as you please, incorporating sophisticated colors, automatic timers or laser accent lights.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are primarily utilitarian in nature but come in a variety of textures, colors, and natural stone or concrete materials. Whether you’re trying to address erosion or grading issues or make your mowing or planting areas more manageable, retaining walls are a visually appealing solution.


Deciding which landscaping features to include in your design can feel overwhelming, but with the help of a seasoned professional, you’re sure to find the perfect outdoor living features for any space, budget, or style. Contact La Rosa Landscape Company at 262.375.8900 or email us at contact@larosalandscape.com.