Snow & Ice Control

Your business needs to operate no matter what the Wisconsin weather throws at you.  No excuses.  La Rosa Landscape has 29 years of commercial snow plowing experience and is uniquely equipped to help you manage snow and ice. With a La Rosa snow program your business will be open as usual. Communication is critical during a storm, so we provide you with direct, 24 hour access to our snow management team for any questions or updates.

Snow & Ice Control includes:


We take care to clear your pavement and keep you open for business.  La Rosa has 24 hour service and all sizes of snow removing equipment, from the smallest lot to the largest shopping center we have the proper equipment to clear the snow quickly and efficiently.

Salting or De-iciing

Our crews will strategically salt your property before or after storms to keep it safe and clear of ice and snow.  We have strong relationships with multiple bulk salt suppliers to ensure product throughout the season.  Our large on site salt storage bin allows us to service your property immediately.


Our crews will do the detail work your property needs to be thoroughly cleared of snow and ice. We have the capability to hand shovel, snow blow or plow large sidewalks.


Wisconsin winters can vary greatly from season to season.  If the accumulations of snow becomes a problem on your site La Rosa has the resources to haul your snow offsite.  La Rosa Landscape owns loaders and truck s large enough to removal excess snow from your property in a timely manner.