Retaining Walls, Masonry, Piers & Stairs

These features help add another level of detail and workmanship to your property. Retaining walls, stairs and masonry can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Retaining Walls, Masonry, Piers & Stairs includes:

Retaining Walls

They are not all the same and your landscape company should know the difference. Fortunately, you’ve chosen La Rosa Landscape Company, and we do know the difference.

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Seat and garden walls are not the same as a retaining wall. Retaining walls require different materials, building permits and have special installation techniques. We will provide you the best solution for your project and build it to last. We provide a three warranty on all of our natural stone, masonry and modular block walls.


All of our projects are built to last for years and years, but nothing holds up quite like a masonry structure. Our masonry projects are most often placed on a concrete frost footings to stand up to Wisconsin’s tough freeze thaw cycles.

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Masonry is used in the construction of seat walls, pillars and columns. The materials we use often matches the existing style of your building, but we will guide you in the selection of materials and create the feel you desire.


Piers can serve a variety of different functions. They may support an arbor post, create a base for a light fixture, display your company’s address on the road, or cap the end of a fence or wall.

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Whatever the function may be, La Rosa Landscape can help. We can help pick the appropriate material and construction process to ensure your pier project fits seamlessly into your landscape.


Elevation changes can provide some interesting aspects to a landscape. Adding stairs or steps can really improve the accessibility and function of your outdoor space. It is important to choose the right material for the job. We are experts in building stairs from concrete, timbers and all types of stone.