Patios, Drives & Walks

These are perhaps the most critical features in your landscape. They are the cornerstones of your property not only because of their function but also because of their size. These features help connect your landscape to the architecture of your building and create the style for the rest of your landscape. The material used to construct these features can be natural stone, concrete pavers, brick or concrete. With endless options available, don’t trust your project to just anyone.

Patios, Drives & Walks includes:


A patio’s size and appearance are dictated by a variety of different factors. The size of your property, elevation, direction and intended use all affect the design of your patio. Natural stone, concrete pavers or bricks can change to feel of any space.

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Outdoor spaces are used for many different functions by your employees, clients or residents; so a patio must be designed to be as efficient as possible. La Rosa can help you create the perfect patio for both style and function.


If you’re looking for a way to make your driveway stand out, we can offer some solutions. With a variety of natural stone and concrete products to choose from, you can dress up your drive with a border or inlay. We have relationships with asphalt and paving contractors if driveways are a portion of your properties renovation.


Much like patios, walkways can have many different functions on your property. They can be simply a safe entrance to your property or they can lead your employees to an outdoor break area. Whatever the function may be its important to select the right material for each walkway.