Landscape Maintenance

At La Rosa, we know that reliable ongoing care is vital to maintaining a healthy, luxurious landscape. Our full-service dedicated crews are focused on different aspects of your landscape for the highest quality service. We have detail crews who focus on flowers and landscape beds; mowing crews who ensure your lawn is always looking great; and licensed, certified lawn care applicators to keep your lawn disease and weed free for that healthy looking lawn. When making your decision on landscape contractors, accept Nothing Less Than La Rosa.

Landscape Maintenance includes:

Spring Clean up

Spring is finally here! This service will transform your landscape from winter to spring in just one day.

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This service refreshes your entire property. All leaves, twigs, paper and debris will be collected and disposed of offsite. Any remaining perennials or ornamental grasses will be cut down and removed. Matted areas of turf or areas that show signs of snow mold will be raked out. Gravel will be raked from turf areas. Deadwood and broken limbs on trees and shrubs will be removed and plants will be inspected for damage. This service is performed early in season and provides an excellent starting point for the landscape.

Seasonal Flowers

Spring, Summer, or Fall we have flowers for them all. Call us today to discover the wide variety of beautiful seasonal flowers.

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Have your property be the one to announce that the seasons are changing. Spring bulbs, annuals and mums come in many different varieties and colors. They may be planted in pots, landscape beds, tree rings or any area that needs a splash of color. Certain types of spring flowers come in bulb form and must be planted in fall, so plan ahead. Annuals typically are installed during the month of May and mums are installed in the fall. A seasonal flower program can provide outstanding colors for the entire year.

Lawn Care

Do you want turf that is lush and disease free? We can develop a program designed around almost any budget.

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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Application programs are designed using custom blended, controlled release fertilizer and weed control. Our five step program uses both dry and liquid applications depending on the time of year. The nutrients provided in the fertilizer are different for each application and based on the time of year they are applied. Our state certified and licensed applicators will inspect your lawn at the time of application for disease or insect problems and provide you with a plan to maintain a healthy lawn. We can also inspect you property and provide a free estimate for any services needed to fix your lawn problems.

Five Step application Program

  1. Early Spring-Slow release fertilizer and crabgrass pre-emergent. This application is typically a dry application and is done between March and May. This application is done to provide the grass with a steady source of fertilization and control the germination of crabgrass seeds. It is important to understand that crabgrass is an annual. This application is done to control the seeds left behind from last year’s crabgrass. The seeds need soil temperatures to reach the low 50’s before germination can occur. Application at this time allows the pre-emergent to be effective throughout the growing season.
  2. Late Spring- Broad leaf control fertilizer. This application is usually a liquid and is targeted to control broad leaf weeds and provide fertilization. The broad leaf weeds targeted are dandelion, clover, chickweed and others. The weed control is done from May to early July because the weeds have started to actively grow in the late spring and the liquid weed control will be absorbed by the plant. You should start to see the weeds curl and brown up a few days after the application. Fertilizer is also mixed together with the weed control to help strengthen the grass roots for the hot summer months.
  3. Summer- Slow release fertilizer. This is a dry application of fertilizer done from July to August. This application will not stop your lawn from going into dormancy over the dry summer months, but it will provide the nutrients needed to keep the root systems healthy throughout the summer. The nutrients provided help the plant “green-up” when it receives enough water. The applicator will also spot treat any broad leaf weeds that may be present.
  4. Early Fall- Broad leaf weed control and fertilizer. This application is done in September and October. After the summer heat begins to cool another active growing period begins. This period is the perfect time to control the growth of broad leaf weeds. This application is liquid and sprayed onto your lawn. The weed control and fertilizer in this mix kills the weeds and provides your turf with another round of nutrients.
  5. Late Fall- Fertilizer. This is a dry application and is done from October to early December. The last round of fertilizer provides your lawn with nutrients needed to handle the harsh winter conditions. “Winterizing” your lawn is one of the vital steps necessary to obtain a lush, green lawn in the spring.

Disease Control

Does your property have random irregular shaped brown patches in it? You probably have the beginning of a disease developing in your turf. Dollar spot, red thread, brown patch and fusarium blight are some very common diseases in our area that if left untreated can cause unsightly problems on your property. Let one of our licensed applicators diagnose the problem and treat the disease before it spreads over the entire lawn.

Insect Control

Have you noticed areas where your grass is receding, yellowing, rutted up or getting extremely thin? Your lawn may be infested with insects such as chinch bugs, sod webworm, or white grubs. If left to themselves the bugs will wreak havoc on your lawn, sometimes to the point where turf renovation may need to be done. Seasonal weather conditions have a great deal of influence on the insect problems in your turf. Based on the conditions you may have insect problems that occur regularly or have problems arise that have never happened before.

Lawn Mowing

Our mowing crews have the equipment necessary to mow any size property on a weekly basis. We can also schedule periodic “field mowing” for the areas of your property that are not in the public eye.

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La Rosa will remove all the debris, mow the grass to a height that is seasonally appropriate, power edge all hard surfaces and line trim around all fixed objects. We sweep or power blow all grass clippings from driveways, patios and walkways to ensure a neat appearance. Lawn mowing is done on a weekly basis and normally starts at the end of April and goes through mid November.

Bed Maintenance

If only your flowers grew as fast as the weeds. We can provide the service needed to keep your landscape beds looking their best.

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Can’t tell the difference between a weed and a perennial? Our seasoned professionals can keep your landscape beds looking their best. Bed maintenance includes hand weeding and applying herbicides to your beds, removal of spent perennials, provides plant separation and removing sucker growth from your ornamental trees. Let our professionals develop a plan to meet the needs of your property.

Edging and Mulch

Nothing provides the look of a well maintained landscape as well as a sharp bed edge and a fresh layer of mulch.

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Landscape beds look their best with a nice sharp edge. Bed edging yearly helps prevent the encroachment of grass into the beds. After bed edging is the perfect time to apply a fresh layer of mulch. Our yard has enough space for us to stock shredded hardwood, brown enviromulch, red enviromulch, and hemlock mulch but we can install any type of mulch that you may need. The appearance of mulch is not its only benefit; it also helps keep moisture in the soil, can reduce soil temperatures and slows down weed growth.

Mosquito Control

Planning a company outing, open house or corporate event? An insecticide application can be done on your property to minimize the mosquito’s.

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Let our licensed applicators treat your property for these pesky insects. With the ideal conditions an application can last for weeks. This service is safe and easy can have positive effect on your event.


Does your maintenance man have better things to do than watering the flowers and turf areas? La Rosa can design, install and maintain an irrigation system that will solve both problems.

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Irrigation systems reduce the amount of time that you need to spend watering your grass and flower beds, but they must also be maintained. La Rosa can program your system to apply the correct amount of water. Too much water is not only harmful to plants but is also a waste of money. Do you have a problem with your irrigation system? We can fix damaged head and lines and schedule larger repairs, spring start ups and fall shut downs so the system is efficient and worry free.

Pruning Services

Wild and overgrown is not why your property should be noticed. Pruning will improve the look of your property while promoting plant health.

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Pruning services help maintain the health of your plants by keeping them in their correct form and by preventing them from becoming overgrown. Routinely cutting back your shrubs will allow the plant to thicken its branches and the leaves and flowers will become more dense. We also prune trees year round for health and structure. Winter is a great time to do rejuvenation pruning. Rejuvenation pruning in the winter can reshape the tree, remove damaged branches and remove branches hitting the siding, roofs and satellite dishes.

Pond Maintenance

Is that beautiful pond or water feature not looking as good as you would like? We have licensed technicians to maintain them.

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The sound of running water is very relaxing; maintaining your water feature may not be. From a simple water feature to a complex waterfall or pond, both need regular maintenance. Our licensed technicians have the knowledge necessary to keep your water clean while using chemicals that are safe for both your plants and aquatic wildlife. We will develop a plan to maintain your water and aquatic plants for the entire year.


Is your lawn starting to look weak and run down? Core aeration can help rejuvenate your lawn.

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Your turf needs nutrients, water and air to grow. A yard that is compacted and filled with years of thatch can leave your grass looking pale and weak. The solution may be as simple as core aeration. Aeration removes small cores from your yard and allows air, moisture and fertilizer to reach the root zone. The cores are left behind to allow the soil to break down and return to your yard. Aeration is most effective when dome in the fall as the temperatures cool, but can also be done in the spring.

Fall Services

Where do all these leaves come from? Fall services includes leaf collection, removals of all annuals and the cutting down of perennials. We will prepare your landscape for the long winter ahead.

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The leaves are beautiful when they are turning colors on the trees but are a nuisance after they fall. Fall services include raking but we will also cut back your perennials, remove annuals, clean out gutters and pick up debris. Many companies like their grasses or perennials left up for winter interest, if this is the case, these plants would be included in the pricing of a Spring Clean Up.


Protect your investment! Some plants need help to survive the grip of old man winter.

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Harsh Wisconsin winters make protection necessary for some of the more delicate plants. Winter protection can be done by covering ground plantings with evergreen boughs, wrapping shrubs and trees to protect them from drying out or covering them for protection from wildlife. We can walk your property and recommend the proper protection needed for your landscape.