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Winter Solutions for your Hardscapes

With the change of seasons, from hot to cold and back again, comes ground movement. It’s an inevitable occurrence here in Wisconsin. While there are many factors that can contribute to the failure of landscape features, the freeze-thaw cycle is one that can affect even expertly installed elements. Some of the most common things that need repair are: settled pavers in walkways and patios, retaining walls that begin to sink or bow out, and brick or stone veneer. While current industry standards help prevent many of these issues, they do still exist. The good news is; many times they can be fixed relatively easily, and they can also be fixed at most times of year including during the winter. Many of our customers take advantage… Read More »

Winter Pruning: What to Know.

Winter Pruning

Now that winter is a little more than half over, it’s time to perform winter pruning on your trees and shrubs. Done properly, it can enhance the life and vitality of a plant, as well as protect it from disease. On the other hand, if it’s done poorly, it can cause permanent damage to the plant. The benefits of winter pruning One of the biggest advantages of winter pruning is that you can inspect your tree without any leaves. That means you can make better decisions about which branches to remove or shape. You can also easily spot dead or broken branches, disease and branches rubbing against each other. Branches rubbing against each other can wear the bark off of one or both branches, exposing them… Read More »

Fall Landscape Work

Spring and Summer are prime time for landscape services. You’re spending more time in the yard, developing ideas for new spaces and noticing things that could use updating. So, naturally, this is when most people seek landscape work. You’ve probably noticed that this is also the time of year that companies have the longest backlog of work. It’s not uncommon to have a 6-8 week waiting period. In the fall landscape work escapes the mind a bit. Along with spending a bit less time outside, kids are going back to school and getting involved in sports, maybe you’re watching the Packers or Brewers…there’s a lot going on. If you’ve still got a project to complete, Fall can be a great time to act! Nearly everything… Read More »